We specialise in high quality, vector-based illustrations... Cara can design and illustrate anything you can imagine!

We can work from a photo, your own sketch, or our imagination, to create gorgeous illustrations for your project.

Whether you would like an illustration

created as part of your branding (like the ‘Canvas & Lime girls’),

to use on promotional products (like Abernethy’s multicoloured cow),

or even a caricature of yourself (like Inspo by Andy’s calendars),

Cara would love to create it for you!

The Canvas & Lime Girls
Meet Ariel, Katie, Ruby and Shay, otherwise known as 'the Canvas & Lime girls'. These gorgeous illustrations are featured in both full colour and as outlines across the Canvas & Lime product range, branding and website.
Inspo by Andy - Caricature, Costume Changes & a Calendar
After gaining a following during 2020 for his inspirational Friday posts - always featuring a different Hawaiian shirt and mental health message - Andrew asked us to design calendars with the 12 most important mental health messages.  The project also included turning Andrew into a caricature, complete with 12 different outfits! 
Abernethy's Multicoloured Cow
Local graziers, Malcolm & Sandra Kenny, came to us asking for help to come up with a unique idea for their annual bull sale auction item.  We took a photo of one of their stud cattle and turned him into a multi-coloured illustration which proved so popular that they now have canvas prints and stubby coolers for sale permanently. 

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